PRAXIS is a Winnipeg women ceramic art show.

My work in the exhibition examines how a ceramic piece can be completed by what it is used for; what is put inside the vessels we create – whether it is soup in a bowl, coffee in your cup or flowers in a vase.

It a preemptive way of thinking as you create; it is knowing that the full work of art can never be realized until it is used for it’s purpose.

I am also playing with light in this exhibition and how it can distort reality – change the shape and shift your thinking.  This facet of the exhibition is a comment on how meaning can be construed; how different interpretations can change the function of art pieces.

Opening: Friday October 14th 7-10 pm

After: October 15th – 25th

Gallery hours

Cre8ery Gallery, 125 Adelaide St. Winnipeg MB

Free admission

Art work for sale

All my bud vases in the show are $65.00 tax included.

Contact Jordan Miller for more information:

ph: 204.944.0809