Terra Botanica

I was recently part of an exhibition called ‘Terra Botanica.’

“Terra Botanica is ceramic and plant based exhibit by Crystal Nykoluk, Jessica Hodgson, Erika Hanneson, Heather Komus, and Bernard Ferguson. Please join us in appreciating the diverse ways Ceramics and earth/plants can be integrated and expressed by each individual artist. All artists are graduates of the University of Manitoba Fine Arts faculty.

Terra Botanica is a creative synthesis of clay/earth, plants and the human element to experience and appreciate a more natural holistic existence in our relationship between art/craft and the natural world. We are not designed to thrive in sterile environments void of all the plant and microbial/probiotic activity that has evolved along with us and within.

The natural calming primal scents and sounds of earth, plants and water evoke and awaken our own biological innate affinity to the natural world.”

My piece in exhibition was an installation comprised of 29 clay pots hanging from the ceiling filled with the air-cleaning chlorophytum comosum.

‘Receiving Hope’

soft sound


breath in; there is oxygen here.


an imagined landscape floats

in a void space

free and seemingly alone.


hope delivered

held up by long white rain

a starship explorer


we need the green

to feel alive, to dream!

to thrive.


‘Receiving Hope’ is not a strong display of my capabilities with the ceramic medium; rather, it is an all-encompassing installation, achieved through whatever means, to communicate a warm feeling of hope, contemplation and exploration.  It is a safe space meant to foster the rhythm of your heartbeat in conjunction with your breath and the green growth present in an oxygen-rich capsule. Reminiscent of a spaceship-like structure, or a languid hanging garden, this piece is a salutation to the Earth and all it has helped us achieve.