The creation of Earthshaper Studio

For those who don’t know, I have been actively pursuing an artistic career in the ceramic arts ever since 2010.

See some of my work HERE and HERE

Over the years my studio has been an unintentional transient space; it has moved with me as I sought out the best way to do things……….

Which has lead me to Earthshaper Studio, the new *HOME* of my art practice located behind my house in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, MB

My husband Eric and I started from scratch 9 months ago with this seed of an idea…… to build a creative space where we could explore dreams, get our hands dirty and be messy without consequence.

We took down the old garage ourselves, allowing us the freedom to take back certain materials to places where they could be recycled.  We hired a company to build the shell, apply the stucco and pour an epoxy floor.  I bought all the windows second hand.  Eric and I hired a company to install spray foam insulation on the walls and we ‘blew in’ the roof insulation ourselves (it’s R-60.  Welcome to Winnipeg).  We had a hook-up for an electrician with Eric doing a lot of the repetitive work himself.  We installed the roof and walls (osb), painted (it’s very white) and opted for base board heaters to heat the space.

Check out the below images to experience this wacky and wonderful journey with us….

Videos at the bottom…..

Video 1       Video 2