Artist Statement

I react to texture; the deep and seemingly arbitrary patterns that arise throughout daily travels.  I respond more when I can use three-dimensional dialogue, and am influenced by what exists in the round; what I can pick up, touch, turn over and explore.

Before I discovered clay I was engrossed in taking macro photographs.  I loved to see texture up close, was fascinated with these patterns that seemed to surround us on such a small scale.  With the discovery of clay I began to mimic what I had previously captured with my camera.  The joy of ordered chaos surfaced quickly through my use of ornamentation on my work.  More often than not, I start with a utilitarian form and imbue that with layers of clay texture.  In this way my first focus is not on ease of use but rather on the saturation of layers of texture, and what it suggests.  My work is heavy in material and concept, offering the audience rich surfaces to contend with.  My goal is to connect people with objects that are reminiscent of nature’s irregular presence by using functional forms to covey my message.

My goal is to help people bring the outside into their homes.