Concerning Crystal

Crystal is a shaper of earth, transforming raw mud into hybrid forms of sculpture and pottery.  Her pieces straddle worlds and invite you to interpret tradition as she fearlessly commands movement through clay.  Her work yearns to be touched – forging an irresistible physical connection between artist, viewer, user and source – our planet.  Ideas of purpose and balance circulate throughout her work as you are invited to immerse yourself in a vision of the alive and tactile landscapes we encounter daily.

Crystal harvests inspiration through her eyes.  She commutes using a bicycle and her own two feet; in this way she is given the gift of time as she travels from one destination to another.  A deep thinker and curious soul seeker, she devours books and is always seeking space to gather her thoughts and intentions.

Crystal grew up in the Manitoban prairie county outside of Winnipeg.  Her mother is a painter and fabric artist; her father is a wood worker.  Homemade food always set the table – from olives to jam, wine to perogies, bread to salsa – there was always something cooking in the kitchen.  Her parents’ DIY work ethic encouraged Crystal to value what her hands could accomplish.  The summers she spent in the backcountry of the Ontario boreal wilderness at her family cabin fostered her appreciation for nature, patterns and how humans could affect untouched places in beautiful ways.

This Winnipeg artist attended the University of Manitoba to study Fine Arts.  It was here she discovered clay and how the material satisfied her need to build things in the third dimension.  Always a lover of leggo and k’nex, Crystal found she thrived on the technical challenges the ceramic medium had to offer.  After graduating with a Fine Arts Honours Degree, Crystal became the Ceramic Technician at the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Studio Programs.  She has taught at The Winnipeg Art Gallery and at The Edge Clay Centre, inspiring others to express themselves and be freely intuitive with clay.

In her own words,  “I shape a dream we’ve all had but unconsciously  misplaced.  The textures surfacing in my work remind us of the stories we have forgotten, stories explaining our inherent connection to nature and our planet.”

Visit Crystal in her studio at 618 Arlington Street in Winnipeg, where her work continues to evolve.