Crock ‘n’ Kraut

Welcome to Crock ‘n’ Kraut ; a delicious collision of the functional arts.

This is a 3-part workshop where fermentation meets the ceramic arts.

In a nutshell: make a crock, glaze your crock, and learn how to ferment an *alive* and gut-healing vegetable ferment.

Quick story: I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2001.  I drifted in and out of many ways of dealing with this diagnosis until discovering the benefits of homemade fermented foods.  My sister, Danielle Nykoluk of ‘The Real Food Revival’ was often a beacon during my times of fog.

cryst danny

Combining our two passions and ways of healing we came up with Crock ‘n’ Kraut, a workshop combining the therapeutic effects of working with clay and the satisfying pleasure of making *alive* food to nourish your body, mind and soul. If you are hungry for connection, curious for answers and open to a different way, this is the place to unite!


*NEXT class will be held spring 2018*

Crock Creating:  April 14th OR 15th, 11am – 5pm at Earthshaper Studio, 152 Hill Street, Winnipeg.

Crock Glazing: April 29th at Earthshaper Studio, 152 Hill Street, Winnipeg.  For this part you will sign up for a 30 minute time slot between 12pm and 3pm.  Only two students per half hour.

Fermentation Class: May 6th location TBD, Winnipeg, 11am-3pm.

Investment: $190 regular price

*Early bird registration*

Sign up before March 1st for $170

Payment: cash or cheque or e-transfer.  Cheques can be made out to Danielle Nykoluk.  E-transfers can be sent to  If you want to meet in person for a cash or cheque drop off send an e-mail to Danielle at to arrange a rendezvous!

Part 1: Crock creation.  Immerse yourself in the ceramic studio where you will be guided in making your very own fermentation crock throughout the day.  By the end of part 1 you will have made your very own ceramic art fermentation crock.

texture carve


Part 2: Crock preparation.  Return to the studio to dress your crock with food grade glaze and prepare it for kiln firing.

Part 3: Kraut making.  Roll up those sleeves and have a seat at the ancestral table.  Be prepared to talk all things lacto-fermented and get your hands in on the action as you fill your brand new crock with your choice of vegetable ferment.  Step-by-step handouts, recipes, and samples included.

By the end of Part 3, you will have one of your very own, *authentically* hand made (by YOU!) fermentation crock filled with your choice of vegetable ferment.  Get ready to nourish your family, friends and yourself.

Whether you’re a longstanding creative soul, artistic wanna-be, expert fermentalist or total kitchen newbee, we believe this one of a kind Crock ‘n’ Kraut workshop will satisfy your inner rhythm and re-connect you to the nourishing roots of harmonious existence on our beautiful planet Earth.

What’s included?

  • 3 days of guided creating:
  • Day 1: Crock creation
  • Day 2: Crock preparation
  • Day 3: Kraut Making

*all clay, glaze and firing costs included.

*Students will be asked to bring their own vegetables for the fermentation class.  A guideline handout        will be e-mailed out for details

  • Bonuses:
  • Connection (via private FB group) to the growing community of Traditional Foodies (Traditional Wisdom Modern Kitchen) to support your fermentation journey and maybe even inspire you down the whole foods road…
  • Completion of Traditional Wisdom Modern Kitchen Level 1 Class: Fermentation counting towards your TWMK Class Passport and future TWMK rewards!

Besides being sisters (sometimes confused for twins…), Crystal and Danielle are two fun-lovin’ gals passionate about what they do!

Crystal toolsCrystal Nykoluk of Crystal Nykoluk Ceramics is an art maker first and foremost; she is also a dreamer, a constructor, a mathematician, and an avid reader who likes to submerge herself in nature.  This power-tool welding lady believes in the DIY way of living and she wants to share her passion with you!  She makes useable sculpture to satisfy the soul and her art pieces connect with the nature-lover in us all.  She teaches at The Winnipeg Art Gallery and at The Edge Clay Centre and continues her clay fun in her Winnipeg Studio at 618 Arlington, 3rd floor.

Danny forageDanielle Nykoluk , founder of The Real Food Revival, is a practical dreamer, outta-the-box-thinker, aspiring back-to-the-lander.  She loves to share nourishing and ethical meals with hungry minds open to learning about the traditional wisdom passed down from our ancestral tables.  Danielle believes in food that is respected and responsible (financially and ecologically), nourishing and connecting, and prepared using traditional wisdom.  Danielle believes change can begin in the kitchen.  Danielle desires to advocate for change by empowering and teaching people the skills to do-it-themselves, starting in their own kitchens!

When we’re not immersed in our passions, we enjoy spending time together gardening, hula hooping, cycling, and most of all back country adventuring at the family cottage tucked inside the wondrous Boreal Forest…


Images from past ‘Crock ‘n’ Kraut workshops: