new website studio sale!

Saturday September 29th noon – 4pm.  Location: Earthshaper Studio.  AKA my backyard.

Studio Sale.png

I am launching my new website on October 2nd 2018 with the help of the wonderful Chantelle Andercastle of Clear Quartz Creative  so, I figured why not have a sale to kick off this fantastic event!

My new website will feature my very own online shop (welcome to the 21st century Crystal!) and as a thank you I am offering a discount to all my e-mail newsletter subscribers.  If you are on my e-mail list, you’ll get the coupon!

Saturday September 29th noon-4pm

Cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit.

I hope to see you soon!

Spring Sale and a BAZAAR!

I survived the winter in my new backyard studio, and am looking forward to warmer weather as the season slowly awakens to greet us here in Winnipeg.

If you missed the journey, check it out and read about the building of Earthshaper Studio!

Or better yet – come visit me for my spring sale pre-shop evening on May 4th, 6-9pm.  I will have my usual ceramic goodies plus new work.

Follow me on Instagram for updates: @cnykoluk_earthshaper

Can’t make it?  No worries!  My studio will also be open for the BACKLANE BAZAAR!

Saturday May 5th.  11am – 4pm



*Warm* & *Bright* has a new *Home*….


It’s a place where you build memories and find joy; a place where your heart sores and aches.  It’s a place where you dream and find comfort when you need to recharge.

It’s a place where your heart lives as a gift when you open your door.  It’s a place that inspires you…….

All these ideas were present when Eric and I decided to build a shop / studio behind our home in St. Boniface, Winnipeg.  My dedication to my art practice was keeping me away from home and I felt I had two lives – one at my old studio on Arlington Street and one whose spirit soared when I walked in my front door.

I never stop thinking about what to make; I am constantly working as a creator as I wander through life.  Just like that, inspiration can hit and I am looking forward to having a space close by which I can quickly and easily get to.  Connecting my home to my creative space simply made sense.

And on that note…….I am pleased and excited to invite you to my new *home* studio for my annual *winter* sale!

Friday December 15th, 6-9pm

Saturday December 16th, 10am – 4pm

152 Hill Street ’round the back

A special note to all guests:

*in consideration for my neighbours, please consider parking either on Dubuc Street or at Holy Cross High School located at 282 Dubuc Street – both are *free* just 2-4 minutes walk away from my home.

*there will be a drop-off station down the back alley (between Hill Street and Des Meurons Street) right by the studio which will be marked with signs should anyone need!

*no public washrooms available*

Facebook event page

I accept cash, credit card and cheque. Hope to see you soon.

The creation of Earthshaper Studio

For those who don’t know, I have been actively pursuing an artistic career in the ceramic arts ever since 2010.

See some of my work HERE and HERE

Over the years my studio has been an unintentional transient space; it has moved with me as I sought out the best way to do things……….

Which has lead me to Earthshaper Studio, the new *HOME* of my art practice located behind my house in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, MB

My husband Eric and I started from scratch 9 months ago with this seed of an idea…… to build a creative space where we could explore dreams, get our hands dirty and be messy without consequence.

We took down the old garage ourselves, allowing us the freedom to take back certain materials to places where they could be recycled.  We hired a company to build the shell, apply the stucco and pour an epoxy floor.  I bought all the windows second hand.  Eric and I hired a company to install spray foam insulation on the walls and we ‘blew in’ the roof insulation ourselves (it’s R-60.  Welcome to Winnipeg).  We had a hook-up for an electrician with Eric doing a lot of the repetitive work himself.  We installed the roof and walls (osb), painted (it’s very white) and opted for base board heaters to heat the space.

Check out the below images to experience this wacky and wonderful journey with us….

Videos at the bottom…..

Video 1       Video 2

whole ~a mindful holiday market~


I’ll be selling my wares at this fantastic lil’ market made up of many mindful makers!

Hope you can check it out.

December 10th

10am – 4pm

at 73 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg

*free parking on side streets


The many mindful makers are:

Terra Botanica

I was recently part of an exhibition called ‘Terra Botanica.’

“Terra Botanica is ceramic and plant based exhibit by Crystal Nykoluk, Jessica Hodgson, Erika Hanneson, Heather Komus, and Bernard Ferguson. Please join us in appreciating the diverse ways Ceramics and earth/plants can be integrated and expressed by each individual artist. All artists are graduates of the University of Manitoba Fine Arts faculty.

Terra Botanica is a creative synthesis of clay/earth, plants and the human element to experience and appreciate a more natural holistic existence in our relationship between art/craft and the natural world. We are not designed to thrive in sterile environments void of all the plant and microbial/probiotic activity that has evolved along with us and within.

The natural calming primal scents and sounds of earth, plants and water evoke and awaken our own biological innate affinity to the natural world.”

My piece in exhibition was an installation comprised of 29 clay pots hanging from the ceiling filled with the air-cleaning chlorophytum comosum.

‘Receiving Hope’

soft sound


breath in; there is oxygen here.


an imagined landscape floats

in a void space

free and seemingly alone.


hope delivered

held up by long white rain

a starship explorer


we need the green

to feel alive, to dream!

to thrive.


‘Receiving Hope’ is not a strong display of my capabilities with the ceramic medium; rather, it is an all-encompassing installation, achieved through whatever means, to communicate a warm feeling of hope, contemplation and exploration.  It is a safe space meant to foster the rhythm of your heartbeat in conjunction with your breath and the green growth present in an oxygen-rich capsule. Reminiscent of a spaceship-like structure, or a languid hanging garden, this piece is a salutation to the Earth and all it has helped us achieve. 



Warm & Bright 2016


A ceramic studio show and sale featuring new clay artwork both useable and sculptural.

The time is now, the place is here.

Choose what you love

Trust yourself to be authentic.

and raw.

and real.                                                               ~xoxo  crystal~

Join me and my studio mate Jessica Hodgson

Friday December 2nd 6-9pm

Saturday December 3rd 10am – 4pm

618 Arlington Street, 3rd floor *in our studio* to see the stories we have recorded in clay.

*free street parking

*no wheelchair access

*cash or cheque



I would also like to say thank you so much to everyone who has encouraged me, shared with me and supported me in what I have chosen to do.  I would not be where I am without you.


Read more about 618 ARTlington

Find the event on Facebook: Warm & Bright

CRAFTED 2016; a fine craft art show & sale


Friday October 28th 12-9pm

Saturday October 29th 11am-5pm

I’m on the 2nd floor – cash or cheque only.

$5.00 to get in!



PRAXIS is a Winnipeg women ceramic art show.

My work in the exhibition examines how a ceramic piece can be completed by what it is used for; what is put inside the vessels we create – whether it is soup in a bowl, coffee in your cup or flowers in a vase.

It a preemptive way of thinking as you create; it is knowing that the full work of art can never be realized until it is used for it’s purpose.

I am also playing with light in this exhibition and how it can distort reality – change the shape and shift your thinking.  This facet of the exhibition is a comment on how meaning can be construed; how different interpretations can change the function of art pieces.

Opening: Friday October 14th 7-10 pm

After: October 15th – 25th

Gallery hours

Cre8ery Gallery, 125 Adelaide St. Winnipeg MB

Free admission

Art work for sale

All my bud vases in the show are $65.00 tax included.

Contact Jordan Miller for more information:

ph: 204.944.0809